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Club Rules

The Fitzroy Tennis Club Inc. is an incorporated association under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (formerly the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 1981). First and foremost, the Club is bound by the Act. Secondly, the Club is bound by its Constitution (Statement of Objects and Club Rules) which has been accepted by the membership in general meeting and approved by the Registrar of Incorporated Associations.

Where any matter is not provided for in the Fitzroy Tennis Club Inc. Rules, then the Model Rules for an Incorporated Association apply. The FTC Rules are to be read in conjunction with the Model Rules.

The Statement of Objects and Club Rules are on display in the club house.  Please write to the club secretary if you would like a soft copy.


  1. Before commencing play, all players must book a court via the online booking system. Book a Court

  2. All players must wear appropriate tennis shoes and appropriate tennis clothing.

  3. Courts 1, 2 & 3 (en-tout-cas) must be bagged and watered before and after play.  Courts 4, 5 & 6 (artificial surface) must be bagged at the end of play in a side-ways motion rather than up and down. Check condition of court ahead of play. 

    • En-tout-cas courts – do not play if court is too wet OR too dry OR has lost topping due to wind. 

    • Artificial surface courts – do not play if court is too wet.

  4. Any complaints concerning behaviour of those using courts should be referred to the Caretaker or to a Committee Member.

  5. No dogs are permitted to remain inside the Clubhouse and must be restrained on a leash at all times within the Club’s grounds.

  6. During peak periods, non-members’ court hire is limited to one hour’s duration.

  7. If other members are waiting, time of play is restricted to one hour only if a booking is not recorded in the online booking system. When more than two members are waiting, it is expected that doubles be played. Singles players are to invite waiting members to play doubles at the completion of their current set.

  8. When the Caretaker is in attendance, adherence to the Court Rules is at the absolute discretion of the Caretaker.

  9. Children must be supervised to ensure compliance with these Rules.

  10. When crossing courts in use, please use the walk-way/viewing corridor.


Annual Membership is from 1 November to 31 October. Membership is not transferable from one person to another.

Payment Receipt: Payment receipts are issued on-line and can be saved and printed.

Membership fob/Medallions: The Medallion / access fobs are needed for entry to the courts. Non-financial members who continue to claim membership rights with their fobs/medallions may be refused further membership and will be required to pay for court usage as a member of the general public. 

Refund of fobs/Medallion Deposit: If you elect not to renew your FTC membership the following year, upon return of your medallion/s  & key/s in person to the Club, you can recover your deposit in the amount recorded when joined.

Lost fobs/Medallions: If you lose your Fob or Medallion, you must purchase a replacement at a cost of $50.00 for Fob or $20.00 for Medallion. You may be charged court fees if you do not produce Fob/Medallion as proof of membership when asked.

Membership Refunds: The Club has a no refunds policy. 

Access fobs: Eligible members can collect access fobs from the Club House Monday to Friday between 4.00pm and 8.00pm. Fobs are not available to juniors under Duty of Care Policy. Members will be advised of any key change. 

ELECTRONIC MEDIA POLICY: By joining or renewing as an adult, junior or other member of the Fitzroy Tennis Club, you agree that any photographs, electronic images, sound recordings or video footage taken by or for the Club may be used by the Club, the Club’s Member Association and/or Tennis Australia in any website, Facebook, other social media, newsletter, email, promotional, advertising or marketing materials without any further notice or payment.


FTC complies with the Privacy Legislation Acts of the Commonwealth and State Governments of Australia and in accordance with the Acts we recognise each person's right to privacy and confidentiality. A copy is available at the clubhouse or here.


NIP is part of a compulsory affiliation annual charge paid by the club and is built into the membership fees. This covers member registration and insurance in the case of accident whilst participating in tennis.  Further details on Tennis Australia website.

Applicants must pay a joining fee (once only, unless membership lapses) and a membership fee.

PRO RATA: Mid-Year annual subscription fees apply to new members joining half way through the membership year.

Membership fees must be paid by the pay-by date as set and advised by the membership secretary. TA (NIP) is built into the subscription fees. Renewal Notices are sent out in late October. 

LATE RENEWALS: Members who have not paid by the  “pay-by date” will lose membership privileges under Club Rule 16 and will be required to pay public court usage fees until membership privileges are regained upon the payment of the full membership renewal fee  plus a late payment fee of $60.

All Concession Memberships require current proof of eligibility (refer to Membership Categories), otherwise the application will not be accepted. A photocopy of the appropriate documents can be forwarded to the Membership Secretary, or sighted by the Club Caretaker as soon as possible upon lodgement of the Membership Application. 

Current adult members or non-member parents of current junior members who wish to apply for Family Membership will be exempt from the Family Membership joining fee.  Each qualifying member of the family will receive their own membership number and medallion.  

The Committee at its discretion may consider the application for deferral/suspension of Membership in special circumstances for long-standing members (at least 5 years continuous membership) provided that a written request is forwarded to the Membership Secretary prior to the expiration of membership.  Valid reason for deferral and length of deferral must be included in the written request.  If deferral is granted,  payment of a further joining fee is avoided and pro rata applies if membership is re-commenced during a membership year. 

It is your responsibility to update any change in your personal details by logging notifying the Membership Secretary